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Before & After. Gallery.

Connective Tissue Grafts

Case 1: Covering Crown Margin (Complete Coverage)

Case 2: Covering Crown Margin (Almost Complete Coverage)

Case 3: Root Coverage Mandibular Canine

Case 4: Root Coverage – Maxillary Left Lateral/Canine

Case 5: Root Coverage -Maxillary Right Lateral/Canine

Case 6: Root Coverage – Single Maxillary Canine (Right)

Case 7: Root Coverage – Single Maxillary Canine (Left

Case 8: Root Coverage – Maxillary Lateral/Canine

Case 9: Root Coverage – Central/Lateral/Canine

Implants – Fixed Prostheses

Case 1: Single wide implant to replace a molar

Case 2: Posterior Rehabilitation

Case 3: Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Case 4: Single implant to replace 2 incisors

Case 5: Replacing congenitally missing laterals

Case 6: Narrow one-piece implants to replace laterals

Case 7: Narrow implant to replace a lower incisor

Case 8: Esthetic zone – Maximizing papillae by spacing implants

Implants – Removable Prostheses

Case 1: Partial overdenture for claspless design

Case 2: Complete maxillary and mandibular overdentures on 4 implants

Case 3: Maxillary bar-overdenture on 6 implants

Case 4: Mandibular overdenture on 2 implants

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Case 1: Gingivitis

Case 2: Periodontitis

Gingival Procedures

Case 1: Esthetic Gingivectomy/Crown-Lengthening Maxillary Anterior

Gingival Procedures

Case 1: Bone grafting to improve pontic emergence profile

Case 2: Regeneration of vertical defect in a mandibular molar

Case 3: Regeneration of vertical defect in a maxillary molar

Case 4: Regeneration of a vertical defect distal to a mandibular molar